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The Alternative Hottie You Will Like Who Also Likes Girls
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Latinas Superan Barreras                                                                                                       Telemundo – by Cristina Londono – November 16, 2012 

Latina Performers Lead Burlesque Movement in U.S. 
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Provocative double bill at CounterPulse
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Stage Listings – SF Bay Guardian
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An Interview with Seth Eisen and Xandra Ibarra 
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Queer Performance Art Series “The News” Starts Strong                                                        by Kate Conger – SF Weekly- February 2012  [link] 

This is What A Lesbian Looks Like
Curve Magazine. 2011  [link]  [download]

Performance: The Body Politic
by Martha Martinez - Art Practical 2011, [link]

La Chica Boom Explodes Saturday Night in Cabaret Lunatique’s Celebrate the Mission
by Keith Bowers – SF Weekly – MAY 12, 2012  [link]  [download]

La Chica Boom
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Kaleidoscope Delivered the Goods 2008 
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Femme Follies
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Border Crossing
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